Checking Out On Bricklink

From the previous Buying With Wanted lists, our cart has been made.  Near the upper right of the page there is a shopping cart and clicking will take you to this page.

Or from where we left off you can hit the Checkout button.

There will be all the parts in your cart.  You can make changes here.

On the right there is Item Total: the price of the parts.  Shipping & Handling: the cost of shipping might be here and might not be depending on the store.  Order Total:  This along with the shipping might say TBD, To Be Determined and you will find out more after you click on Proceed to Checkout.

Step 1:  Store Terms and Conditions.  You should always read these.  Some are laid out nicely and easy to read like the one above and some are a jumbled mess.  Either way you will get all the info about the store’s rules.  Shipping time, fees, condition of pieces and more.  You can see this before you check out from the tabs on the store page.  It is easier to read these before making a cart because you might find the stores as some odd fees.  My store has no fees.  Once you are done reading click Agree and Continue.

Step 2: Payment.  This is where you select your payment.  My store has Stripe where you can use a Credit/Debit card and don’t have to have an account with.  PayPal, where you can have an account and use your balance or a card.  You can also checkout on PayPal without an account.  The “Onsite” after PayPal means that once you are done with the steps you can pay from Bricklink.  Some stores don’t offer Onsite Payments.  Stripe is an Onsite payment.  Select and click on Select and Continue.

Step 3: Shipping. Here you can check if the address that you want the order shipped is correct.  Using an Onsite payment will make it the same on PayPal.  Some stores will only ship to your PayPal address.  Make sure that your PayPal address is correct if you aren’t using an Onsite payment option. Shipping options below.  Also below is the shipping options that you can choose from.

These will be different from store to store.  If it says Checkout or Instant Checkout and there is a lightning bolt after the store is set up with prices for shipping and you can pay instantly.  If it says Invoice, you will receive an invoice from the store.  Don’t pay until an invoice shows up.  Once the shipping option you want is selected click Checkout.  There can be Request A Quote at this point where you can get a shipping quote and click that doesn’t make an order.

Using an Instant Checkout option you will be sent to Stripe or PayPal and you can pay for the order and it is done. If there is a Manual Invoice option the buyer will send you an invoice with the shipping cost included.  The biggest problem with Instant Checkout not all the USPS shipping bands can be used.  Regular Priority, Regional Priority and end of January 2019 will also be First Class.  The Instant Checkout only can do a flat fee shipping.  When it is weight and zone Instant Checkout can’t be used.  First Class is going to zone as well so if Bricklink doesn’t update the Instant Checkout abilities it won’t be useable for sellers.

The seller will ship according to their store terms.  The seller will send an email through Bricklink and can have the tracking number if the seller provides one.  Below is where you can see that on an order.

You can see the tracking number in the lower right corner.  Once it arrives and everything looks good you can leave feedback for the seller.  The seller will sometimes leave feedback right away or wait until the buyer leaves it. Now start building with those new parts.

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