Using Coupons During Checkout

Coupons.  A seller may send you a coupon.  A coupon on Bricklink only can be used on a future order.  Where do you use it?  Since Bricklink hasn’t added the discounts for Instant Checkout that I want, I have been sending out coupons instead.  I have noticed that a returning buyers aren’t using the coupons they have been sent but are coming back and placing orders.  Here is where you can find to use them.

On Step 2 of the Checkout is Payment.  Below the Payment Currency option is Store Coupon.  When you select a coupon it will deduct that from the order.  The coupons will either be a percentage off on the parts or the shipping.  Below is with the coupon applied.

The Coupon shows in red in the Order Summary.  Now you can finish the checkout process and you will get the discount that was sent to you.  The seller sets how long they are good for.  The longest the coupons are valid is a year before they expire.  To see if you have coupons available you can hover over the My BL tab as in the first picture.  If there are any available there will say at the bottom.  Clicking on that will take you to where the coupons are.

This will list all the valid coupons that you have open.  It shows how much the coupon is for and the date when it expires.  Sellers will send them to you and if you don’t want them you can decline them.  Next time when you check out of a store make sure you look at Step 2 to see if you have a coupon.  If you ask me on Bricklink or send me your Bricklink user name, I will send you a 10% off coupon on all items if you mention this post.

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