Classic Space: The Brick Frontier

Everyone will have their favorite theme but this one is mine.  Being able to take the minifigs into deep space on adventures seemed a lot more fun than a town or a castle.  The brightly colored uniforms with helmets with no visor to keep the oxygen in.  The iconic moon logo that rubs off and broken chinstraps.  The LEGO Movie got this right with Benny.

I don’t remember my first Classic Space set but the 497 Galaxy Explorer is the one that I remember first.  318 pieces with 4 minifigs, 2 red and 2 white, on 2 baseplates.  A small outpost and a vehicle that fits in the back.  The spaceship I rebuilt and took apart so many times.  I wondered about the LL928 that is printed on the 1×4 bricks.  The set number was 497 but found out later that 928 was the number for this set for the rest of the world.  The first release of the Classic Space sets in the United States the numbers were changed.  The number makes more sense now.

I might have had 10 Classic Space sets.  The Galaxy Explorer was the biggest one that I had.  As the pictures show, I have a lot more minifigs that came with those sets that I did keep all these years.  I am rebuilding the sets that I did have and have found a few pieces missing.  That is what Bricklink is for.  I am also building the sets that I didn’t have like the Galaxy Commander.  When I am done I will post about it here.

It was nice to see Classic Space in the LEGO Movie.  I wish it was a theme that they could expand with and keep going.  It was great to see the familiar Classic Space logo and I have the 70816 Benny’s Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! displayed with the original Classic Space sets.  Everything doesn’t have to be Star Wars.

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