6890: Cosmic Cruiser

This was a set I never owned when it came out in 1982.  It is a set I “Bricklinked.”  Bricklinked: To buy all the parts for a set from Bricklink.  I bought 115 pieces for the set from Bricklink which includes one red astronaut.  I always did want this set.  I enjoy when there is a vehicle in a vehicle.


I had the Galaxy Explorer and the Starfleet Voyager.  I wanted a smaller and better ship than the ones that I had.  At least I have it now.  It has a Transparent Blue 4213 Plate Hinge for the astronaut to be able to get inside.  The best feature is in the back.

A small vehicle comes out the back.  There is a lock that has a printed 1×2 Brick on it which is flipped up at the moment.  I guess that it is a surface vehicle.  It reminds me of the 6842 Shuttle Craft set which I thought of it as a surface speeder that also flies.  This is a great feature for a fairly small set.


Exclusive Pieces To Build This Set:


There are other printed pieces that are in other sets.  The printed piece with the logo has a smaller logo than some other sets.  This smaller logo piece was only available in this set.  The other pieces are available elsewhere but aren’t used in current sets.  The transparent pieces from the Classic Space era will crack.  The Blue and Light Gray will be yellowed.  Using a new Blue brick next to the one with the logo will look wrong.  You will need to find older pieces to make sure it matches.

To Build Or Not To Build:

Yes.  It is an interesting set.  I like the vehicle that comes out of another vehicle.  For the most part the pieces are available in other Classic Space sets.  Classic Space doesn’t have many small ships that are actually good.  This one is great.  Go out and say that you Bricklinked this set today.

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