Selling On Bricklink Overview

I had so many pieces in my own collection that I never was going to use so I became a seller on.  I won’t go over the steps to become a seller since these are on Bricklink.  Once you are approved to be a seller you will notice that you have more options available to you.

You will now see that you have a My Store tab next to the My BL tab.  From here you can see the Sales column with Orders, Products column with Inventory and then the Account column that has settings.  At this time I have 5 orders to ship and 34 lots to notify.  Clicking on Orders will take you to this screen below.  As a new seller you won’t have any orders yet.  Each line has the Order ID, Buyer info which I blocked out, Shipping and Grand Total.  The Order status can be manually changed but is automatically changed to Paid with Instant Checkout.

The My Inventory screen is one of the main screens you will see if you are selling.  Here it lists everything that you have in your inventory but all might not be in your store.  Sets, Parts, Minifigs, Instructions and Gear are the main master categories that you will use.  You can see the quantity of each category and the lot count.  Under Parts Animal, Air I have 16 total air animals but only 9 different ones.  This includes both new and used.  I did block out the values of the categories.

I became a seller many years before I actually sold anything.  I was familiar with all the areas and menus before I did start to sell.  The best way is to browse around on the menus and areas that are available to sellers.  I kept my store closed until I had around 20,000 pieces in my inventory and then I opened it.  You can open your store with 1 piece but I wanted to make sure that I hadn’t made anything mistakes adding parts to inventory.  Now that you have a store and hopefully a store name it is time to fill the store with pieces.

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