Adding Pieces To Your Store: Part Out

Parting out a new set is an easy and fast way to add pieces to your store.  When you look up a set in the Bricklink catalog you will get what is below.  I am using set 70917 The Ultimate Batmobile since this is a set that I have just parted out.  Under the My Inventory there is Add to My Inventory and Part Out.  The first one is if you want to add the complete set.  I mostly part out sets so I will choose Part Out.

The next screen has a lot of info so I have broken it down into sections.  Here you can select the quantity of sets.  Choose if you want to keep the Minifigs whole or part them out as well.  You can choose to add the Instructions, Box and Extra Parts.  I recycle the instructions and boxes.  They sell but slower than I want to deal with.

The next section of this page you can selection condition.  Set the Prices to Current Items For Sale Average or Last Six Months Sales Average.  The first is the average prices for what is currently available.  The second is what the pieces have sold for in the last six months.  I am currently using the current average.  I also have Upload all Items as Stockroom A checked.

I don’t do tier pricing but you can set discounts depending on how many pieces are bought.  The Consolidate should be checked when you are parting sets out.  This will combine the new pieces with what you have in your store.  If you don’t, the new set will make new listings.  That means you will have multiple listings for the same piece.  It clutters up a store and can confusing to new buyers so make sure you have Consolidate checked.  Of all the options below it I only have New Price changed.  This way the prices are updated for the pieces that are in my inventory.

There is a button on the bottom of the page that I don’ show that takes you to the Edit Items.  This is a big set so I will only show the first two items.  Here you can change prices if you want.

I tend to change the minifig prices to a round number otherwise I leave the prices alone.  At the bottom you can click Verify Items.  The Wicked Witch shows that I have her in my store currently.

Verify Items give you a new list.  Here you can see the My Remarks: TN.026.  This is my location for the piece.  The My Remarks field is the best way to keep track of where the pieces are stored at.

At the bottom of this page is Upload Items.  You can see how many pieces in the set, how many lots and the value of the pieces.  One you click the button the pieces are in your inventory.  If you make a mistake you can part out the set with a set quantity of -1 and it will remove all the pieces that you just uploaded.  I know for sure that this works.

There are a lot of steps to part out a set but it does allow you to add 1,456 items in 335 lots at one time.  The other way to add pieces is manually.

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