Adding Pieces To Your Store: Manual

I mostly add New Pieces through the Part Out Set.  I mostly add Used Pieces manually.  Bricklink’s definition of New is that it has to come directly from a new set and not used in any way.  An assembled set that was used for display only are Used pieces.  Used shouldn’t be well worn.  No discolorations, no bite marks and no heavy scratches.  You can sell pieces that have a lot of wear but I try to keep my used inventory as new looking as possible.  Start by going to Catalog and then Parts.  I am going to add a 3001 Brick in Blue to my store.

Under My Inventory it says Add to My Inventory.  Before doing that there are a couple of things on this page that you should check out first.  One is to figure out what you want to charge for this piece.  Lower on the page are three tabs.

The Color Info tab will show Lots For Sale, On Wanted List, Price Guide Info and Known Colors.  Known Colors is what sets the piece has appeared in.  If you click a color it will take you to another page and see what the piece is going for or click on the Price Guide tab.

I usually don’t use the Color Info screen to look up the prices since I will add all 3001 bricks at the same time.  Either way you see this screen.  Prices for New and Used pieces.  Current Items For Sale and Last 6 Months Sales.  We selected one when we parted out the set.  Here you can see the prices and decide which to use.  The piece and how many I have are factors for pricing.  I go back and forth from Last 6 Months and Current Items.  Going back up to Add to My Inventory takes you to a new screen.

This is the top of the next page.  You don’t need to change anything here.  You can list with your own image if you want which I do for Custom Items which you can check the box here.

Below that you can select the color, add the quantity and the price.  I chose 10 cents.  The My Remarks field is where you can add how you will choose to find this piece.  Whether it is a drawer or bin number or whatever works for you.  I usually don’t enter that info here.

Below that is Condition so select New or Used.  The only other thing I use down here is Stockroom.  Anything I add goes to a virtual stockroom on Bricklink.  It won’t be available in my store but will be in my inventory.  I will get to that later.  Click Review Item.

This is the final step.   You can double check to make sure everything is correct before clicking Add to Inventory.  A new screen will appear where you can view or add another piece but I usually just click back on the browser a couple of times.  Your piece is added so now go and all the rest.  Parting out is faster but if you choose to have a used inventory this will be the primary way to add pieces since I don’t part out too many used sets.

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