Setting Up Your Store: Display

The first heading is Display and is defaulted to when you open up Settings.  The first part is your store name.  It doesn’t have to be the same as your user name.  The store name that you may want might be used.  Come up with something creative and not just put an ‘S’ after Recycled Brick.  You can have a slogan, a logo and what colors your store will be in.

Next is the Announcements and Banner.  These will appear in the store for buyers to see.  I use them to tell buyers to check out the Splash Page since that is where I do all my updates about my store.

Below is the Store Landing page.  This will be the first thing a buyer sees when they come to your store.  This is also the reason why above I tell buyers to go to the Splash Page.  This currently doesn’t work.  I have Splash Page selected but it isn’t the page you see entering my store.  It used to work but now it doesn’t.

You also can make Featured Groups which are items that are in your store that you want to showcase.  I use this from time to time but again selected it as the first thing to see doesn’t work so I don’t use it as much.  If Bricklink fixes this I will update this page.

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