Setting Up Your Store: Management

The next heading is Management.  This is where you can open and close your store.  You can have your store Auto-close after so many days of you not logging in.  The minimum is 3 days.  Sellers have wanted minimum 1 day but Bricklink said they fixed in and it is not fixes so 3 days is the minimum.  The Store Password is for when your store is closed.  It allows a buyer to look in your store and to place an order when it is closed.  This password is not related to the one what you use to log into Bricklink.  You may not want to use an easy one.  Mine isn’t “Password.”

Here you can select a minimum buy.  You may only want orders place over a certain amount.  I used to have a $1.00 minimum so the orders had to be over that.  Before Instant Checkout where you can pay when the order is placed, I had orders under a $1 not get paid.  Now not a problem.  You also can select Average Lot Value.  Each line item has to average that amount on the order.  I will buy from a store that has a minimum but not from with the average.  I have never used the average lot value.  Also another password so the buyer can ask to get around the minimum and average that you set.  Do check theBackup For Instant Checkout.  You do want a manual invoice sent if Instant Checkout can’t be used.

Lower on this screen there are checkboxes to select.  I allow buyers to ask for a quote.  I can enter the shipping and send the quote to the buyer.  It doesn’t make an order until it is accepted.  If a buyer has a -2 feedback score, they can’t buy from my store.  I don’t check the Don’t Show Weight box.  You should show the weight of the shopping carts.

Most of these are up to you to use or not.  You may want to try the ones that I don’t have selected.  The only one that I recommend is the Enable Multiple Stockrooms.  Opening a store it used to be defaulted to one stockroom.  I want three.  I use all of them at one time or another.  I will show how I use them when we add pieces to the store.

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