Setting Up Your Store: Terms

The next one is setting up your store Terms and Conditions of your store.  This is where you put all the rules.  The timeframe how long a buyer has to pay for an order.  What happens if they don’t.  How long it takes to ship and order.  What happens if you are short a piece.  If you are going to have any fees.  Rules for any promotions are listed here.  It needs to be on this page.

I have no fees, no minimum buy and no lot limits.  You may want to.  I am always fine tuning my terms.  There are things that you don’t think of.  Until I had a buyer try to return something they didn’t want I never thought about returns.  There was nothing wrong with it they just didn’t want it.  That is why I have no returns.  One that I did have in my terms and is in many store terms is saying that the seller isn’t responsible for USPS losing your package.  PayPal says otherwise.  You are responsible for the package until it says delivered.  Which means you have to ship the package with a tracking number.  Otherwise, you will have to refund the buyer or PayPal does.  I removed it because PayPal doesn’t enforce my terms only theirs.  No one has perfect terms at first.  The more orders and the more problems that you encounter you will find more items to add.

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