Setting Up Your Store: Shipping

This is an important one.  If you don’t have shipping and payment methods buyers won’t be able to check out of your store.  The shipping is also on the more difficult side to set up.  This is a list of some of my shipping methods.  A lightning bolt on the right means it is an Instant Checkout method.  The buyer can pay when the order is placed.  Anything else is a manual invoice where the seller has to type in the shipping amount and send the invoice out.

Further down on the screen there is a map showing how many countries you ship to.  I would recommend to start out with only shipping to the country that you are in.  If you want to expand then choose one that is close.  With the increasing USPS International rates I currently don’t ship international.  You also can set up a password for buyers to get around your country restrictions.

Then there is the policy you will make for shipping.  This is displayed below your terms in your store.  I do have a rate chart for Instant Checkout and for manual Invoice.  Here you will put your shipping days and everything else relevant for shipping.  Mine says I ship Monday-Friday.  I do ship Saturday morning but it is easier to not advertise that in case I have to be gone for the weekend and explain why I didn’t ship their order Saturday.

To set up a shipping method needs its own page.  Go to Setting Up Your Store: Shipping Method to see how to do that.

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